Interactive Audiovisual Performance, 2004

Artistic direction, Creation: Ivan Franco
Performance: Lígia Teixeira



Presentation | Colina 2004, O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal 2004.

'Equilibrium' is not a finished work but a laboratory experiment proposed in the Colina 2004 residence, with the choreographer Rui Horta. The approach is that of an instrument/dance performance, where the dancer generates sound and image from the manipulation of a scenographic object.
As the equilibrium is determinant in a body performance, particularly in dance, the initial objective was to propose a study on how a dancer would behave when subjected to the constant balance between the different phases of equilibrium/disequilibrium. A platform was constructed so that it would behave as a bidimensional swing, using a set of sheaves. On the inferior face of the platform an inclinometer was installed in order to measure the changing angles, thus controlling the digital image and sound generation. The dancer Lígia Teixeira was suspended by a cable which allowed her to find a precarious stability in the center of the platform.
The performance is divided in five acts, representing our day life evolution in the search of emotional balance/unbalance, knowing that the constancy of any of these two phases is unfruitful, as evolution implies an instability phase.
A common discussion during the “Colina 2004” residence was if the body would tend to disappear in performances, considering the society of information and audiovisual communication. It’s necessary to point that, within the progresses of computation, one of the key areas is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), responsible for bringing computer closer to humans, allowing the communication between both. A part of this work is on physical interfaces. This piece completely justifies the body, making it an intrinsic motor of the performance, bringing man and machine closer to each other.


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